6 Myths About HSAs for Retirement

The cost of health care in retirement continues to rise. The average couple will need $280,000 for medical expenses in retirement, according to a 2018 estimate by Fidelity Investments. While Medicare eligibility begins at age 65, retirees should expect to pay for premiums, co-pays, some drug prescriptions and other expenses not covered by insurance. It's important to set aside funds early for health care needs in retirement. Read More

Why a patient paid a $285 copay for a $40 drug

Two years ago, Gretchen Liu, 78, had a transient ischemic attack — which experts sometimes call a “mini stroke” — while on a trip to China. After she recovered and returned home to San Francisco, her doctor prescribed a generic medication called telmisartan to help manage her blood pressure. Read More

Can I buy an Apple Watch 4 using money from my Health Savings Account?

The Apple Watch 4 Series recently made its debut to critical acclaim. The latest Apple gadget has a number of health-monitoring features that make it fundamentally possible for it to be used as a medical device. A discussion on news aggregation site Reddit even centered on whether the Apple Watch 4 could be purchased using funds from a Health Savings Account (HSA). Read More